Release Notes 02-19-2015

We have made the following updates to our system related to the MindBody API Integration.
  • better error handling for promotional codes
  • future starting date option for schedule element
  • start day of the week option for schedule element
  • schedule element option to show filters
  • cancellations from the my account page and schedule element will now prompt if outside cancellation window (are you sure you want to late cancel?)
  • added past visits tab to the my account page
  • added “referred by” field to my info tab in my account page
  • class pages look out 4 months now instead of 8 weeks (still limited to displaying next 20 sign ups)
  • added resources and locations to the my schedule tab in the my account page
  • added support in new account and account update forms for the two separate email opt ins now offered by MB (email reminders vs email promotions). This means clients can now opt in/out of both of these and update their MB accounts accordingly.
  • added SMS opt in/out in new account forms when account has MB SMS app.
  • option to display or hide sign up buttons on the schedule element
  • option to default the schedule to a single staff member on the schedule element

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