New MindBody Appointment App

The New Appointments Element is coming out in late June!


Our developers worked hard revamping the new Appointments element to better suit our clients needs. Our new Appointments element now pulls its scheduling capabilities from the “Scheduling Increments” table of Mindbody. This will allow your appointments start times to be selectable from the "Scheduling Increments” table in Mindbody rather than the length of the appointment. We also made this element fully responsive for our clients that have responsive websites and have given the results a new look.


To set up the appointments “Scheduling Increments” in Mindbody, login to Mindbody using an account with sufficient credentials. From the dashboard, click on "Manager Tools", then on “Settings.” And from the settings pop up, click on “Scheduling Increments."



Once in “Scheduling Increments” click on the dropdown menu named “Active Times for:” Select the appropriate service category for your appointments. Note that currently we can only access one “Scheduling Increments” setup at this time. (Those that have multiple appointment increments set up will only be able to use a single set.) Once in the increments screen, check the coinciding boxes of the start times wanted. Example: You want to be able to schedule appointments every 30 minutes through out the day. And your hours are 8am until 8pm.



Using the Appointments App


1. Placing the App.


- Drag the icon into a content area to place.



2. Setting up the App.


Configuring the settings.


- Show exact date picker


- this allows you to display or hide the ability to choose a future date


- Show staff selection


- this allows you to remove the choice of selecting a specific instructor within an appointment search


- Search date range


- this option determines how many days/weeks of results display within an appointment search



Search date range should be determined by your busiest day of the week. Too many appointments will cause the system to lose connection with Mindbody. Both Mindbody and LiveEdit have time restrictions in place for API calls. If the search cannot be returned within a certain time, the system will drop the search. To test the busiest date, select an appointment category that contains the most appointment times within it. Click “Search.” Now monitor the time it takes for the results to display. If the results seem slow, or nothing is displaying, try lowering the date range and repeating the search.

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