Why it Happens

Photos taken with a digital camera contain extra information about the image (called EXIF data) stored right in the image file. This data includes information such as what type of camera was used, the date the image was taken, as well as the orientation of the camera at the time the photo was snapped.  Not all programs display the image the same way based on the EXIF orientation data.  Photos were taken with camera phones usually experience the problem of uploading in an unexpected orientation. Here's an example:

Expected Result:
Actual Result:

What to Do

For your convenience a Photo Editor has been built in to the File Manager.  You can use the photo editor to rotate the image to the correct orientation.

To access the Photo Editor, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your site

  2. Click the “Dashboard” icon in the upper right menu

  3. Click on “File Manger” in the left column of the main Dashboard page

  4. Locate the image you want to edit and click anywhere in the thumbnail to open the "File Details” window

  5. In the “File Details” window, click on the “Edit” button just below the image preview.  Note:  you may need to scroll down a bit to see the Edit button

  6. The next window that pops up is the actual Photo Editor.  Click on Orientation in the toolbar.

  7. Choose which direction you would like to rotate the image.

  8. Click Apply

  9. Click Save

Note:  When you are ready to save your edited image, click “Save” only once.  The save process is not instant so allow a few seconds for the system to apply the edits and for a new image to be generated.  Once the process is complete the Photo Editor will close and a new file will be added to your File Manger: