Is my LiveEdit website secure?

At American Spirit Technology Group, we are 100% committed to the security of our platform. All our websites our securely hosted on our servers and are monitor around the clock by our industry grade security system. To ensure your website's security, we do not disseminate technical details of our security and system. 


Are MINDBODY transactions safe on my website?

All MINDBODY transactions are secured behind the SSL offered on your '' URL. You will notice that this URL automatically displays when users are checking out their products. In addition, any MINDBODY client information access on the website is transmitted through our secured connection to MINDBODY's API. MINDBODY client information, such as credit card numbers, are not stored directly on your website or within our hosting environment. Our MINDBODY integration is also PCI compliant.

Why is my website showing a “Not Secure” message?

If you’ve been working on your website lately, you may have seen a "Not Secure" notice in your URL window (example below). Rest assured that notice doesn’t mean that your website has been hacked, or will be hacked, or is not safe for people to visit, it’s simply stating that your website does not have an SSL security certificate.

Recently, Google (Google's Security Blog) and other major browsers have introduced a new update which will make this type of alert more common by displaying it on all web pages that contain the HTTP preface. HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) is the primary technology protocol on the Web that allows linking and browsing, while HTTPS (Secure Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) is a secure encryption used to make data safe when transmitted over the internet. HTTPS is generally used on shopping sites to protect financial information, as well on as web pages that require sensitive information such as passwords. 

With this update, Google is spearheading the movement toward placing the HTTPS preface on all webpages containing potentially sensitive information, such as forms, passwords, and any information that can be deemed personal.

To remove the “Not Secure” message, a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) security certificate will have to be installed on your domain. Having an SSL on your custom domain will allow your website to connect over HTTPS. To purchase an SSL for your custom domain, please see below.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer)

Can I purchase an SSL from a third party?

Unfortunately, SSLs purchased from any DNS provider, such as GoDaddy, are not compatible with our system. If you wish to add an SSL certificate to your website, you can purchase one through our LiveEdit SSL service.

How do I get an SSL from my website? 

You can purchase an SSL for your custom domain by visiting the Domains tab under Account Settings. The current cost of our SSL is $15.00 US and will last one year from the install date.

Before installing an SSL, please note the following:

  • When purchasing an SSL, we recommend that you only purchase one for your Primary Domain. You DO NOT need an SSL for every domain name you have. Under Domains tab, your Primary Domain will be the domain that has a filled in star icon () next to it. If you have followed the steps in our Going Live instructions, all of your domains should be directed to your Primary Domain, which ensures that all your web traffic will go through the same domain with your SSL applied.

  • In order to install the SSL, the A Record of your custom domain will have to be pointed to our new IP address. To set this up, please log into your DNS account, or contact your DNS company directly, and set your A Record (sometimes just called the 'A' record or @ record) of your base domain and 'www' subdomain to our new IP address of

Purchasing and installing an SSL: 

  1. Login to your LiveEdit website

  2. Click on Account Settings

  3. Click on the Domains tab.
    After clicking on the Domains tab you may notice that you are redirect to your LiveEdit URL and prompted to login again. This is done to ensure your purchase is secure. 

  4. Click on the Request SSL for your Primary Domain.
    Note: If you see Update DNS instead of Request SSL, it means your custom domain is not pointed over to our new require IP address yet.

  5. Next, you will be shown a screen with the SSL’s price and option to select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to have Autonew turned on. Please select your option then click Checkout .

  6. Next, you will be prompted to enter in your payment information. Once entered, click Next to continue.

  7. You will then be shown your entered in payment information. If everything appears correct, click Confirm to continue.

  8. Next, you will be prompted to confirm your purchase. Please check the I Agree box then click Complete Order

  9. Once you’ve submitted your SSL order, you will be sent a receipt email. In addition, the payment will appear under the Billing tab.

  10. Now that you’ve purchased an SSL, our system will begin to automatically install your SSL onto your website. No further actions will be required from your end. Under the SSL column, you will also notice a two-arrow icon () appearing indicating your SSL is in the process of being installed. Note: The install process may take upwards to a day or two to fully install. 

  11. Once the SSL has been installed, you will see a checkmark  () under the SSL column of your domain.